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Phone Number: (718)-482-5225

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LaGuardia Community College



Disclaimer: This website is in development. Please contact us (honorsprog@gmail.com) if you spot any errors or have any recommendations.



Minimum Cumulative GPA is 3.2 


At least 12 college credits completed



Welcome to our network!


Hello and welcome!  We're members of LaGuardia Community College's Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC), the student arm of the college's Honors Program.  Established in the Fall of 2010, HSAC is comprised of LaGuardia's Honors students who are committed to creating a community of talented, ambitious and highly-motivated individuals who seek intellectual challenge and the opportunity to serve our communities.

Prior to the establishment of HSAC, Honors students were already involved in creating various scholarly and service projects.  In the Fall of 2008, Honors students organized an Honors Colloquium, and beginning in 2009, they began compiling transfer strategies for students who are aiming to get into selective 4-year colleges and programs.  HSAC builds on the work of these Honors student-pioneers.  In addition to establishing this website, HSAC programmed two recognition events, one networking event and one service project during its first year of establishment.


Since then, we have grown to be an active and visible force on campus, spearheading the Peer Transfer Initiative, developing an established and vibrant Honors Alumni Advisory Committee. Additionally, we work with our Honors professors to promote student research opportunities. Students also participate in the annual conventions of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) and the Northeast Regional Honors Council (NRHC) as panel moderators, research paper presenters and participants. One of our members also held the elected position of 2012-2013 Student Representative on the NRHC Executive Board, and was selected NCHC's Student of the Year in 2013.

HSAC is located in Honors House (M-201B),this is a space for the community of talented and motivated LaGuardia students.  We invite you to visit us and join in the work of building a community of motivated peers and successful alumni. 


Members of HSAC support each other in navigating academic life, preparing for transfer and scholarship applications, and learning to use education to serve others.  If you would like to be involved in HSAC, use the Contact Us page to tell us a little bit about yourself and how you would like to help! 

HSAC Advisors
Dr. Karlyn Koh
Honors Program Director
Professor of English
Office: E103-V
Email: kkoh@lagcc.cunny.edu
Phone: (718)-482-5658
Dr. John Chaffee
Senior Honors Faculty Advisor
Professor of Philosophy
Office: E202-A
Phone: (718)-482-5699
Part-time Honors Program College Assistant
Office: M-201 B
Phone: (718)-482-5225
Part-time Honors Program College Assistant
Office: M-201B
Phone: (718)-482-5922
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Dr. Karlyn Koh

Honors Program Director Professor of English Office: E103-V Email: kkoh@lagcc.cunny.edu Phone: (718)-482-5658