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Interested in submitting your writing for the e-Fiorello?

Do you want your voice to be heard in our school community? Are you engaged in the events happening around us, interested in how they shape our everyday lives? If so, the Honors Student Advisory Collective invites you to write for our online Fiorello newsletter, for which student-written articles will be regularly published on the LaGuardia Honors website throughout the semester!


We are looking for articles between 300-500 words each, on current topics and issues that are relevant to our honors activities, our LaGuardia community, and our larger society within New York City and the U.S. While we welcome pitches for potential articles, we have compiled some prompts to choose from:

  • How has distance learning affected your learning experience? Think about your productivity, your ability to keep up with the work, your communication, and other various components that may be impacted by this change in schooling. You can reach out to your classmates and professors for their perspectives.

  • In what ways is your neighborhood/community being affected by COVID-19? What have you observed around you, is anything comforting or concerning?

  • How can schools support students during this period of distance learning? What improvements can be made to the current format of classes and teaching through online learning?

  • How will future schooling be impacted by our experience in distance learning? Will there be any changes? Why or why not?

  • How has your future been impacted by this pandemic? What future events that you were planning for have been affected? How has your social life changed during this pandemic?

  • What are some of the activities you’ve been doing to cope with stress related to the pandemic? If there is one of particular interest that can be shared in a short instructional format (e.g. cooking - share a recipe, yoga - write instructions for a simple move, reading - make a short list of your favorite books, etc.)


If you wish to write an article for The Fiorello, please reach out to HSAC at before you begin to write, so that we can confirm your piece.

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