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The e-Fiorello

In light of CUNY’s transition to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, we at HSAC have decided to transition our newsletter, the Fiorello, to an online format.

Rebranded as the e-Fiorello, we wish to use this platform to stay in touch with everyone through a new, virtual experience. In this newsletter, we will regularly share useful information for our LaGuardia community through student-written articles on honors activities, topics relevant to our school, and about our larger society within New York and the U.S.

We would love to feature your writing if you want to contribute articles to the e-Fiorello. Here are some guidelines and prompts for drafting an article for our newsletter. If you wish to write for us, please send us an email at to discuss collaboration!

e-Fiorello cover art by Amal Toaimah.

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