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Last Word on Scholarships

by Kevin Magana, LaGuardia (Honors/HSAC); Georgetown; Teach for America

You should never depend on receiving any one scholarship.  Chances are pretty slim for many scholarships (although after reading this list, you've bypassed many of the errors in scholarship writing, thus, greatly improving your odds), so this means you should apply to many scholarships.  I would suggest that you take the summer between the last year in your 2-year institution and the start of your transfer school to set as your goal to apply for 60-90 scholarships, distribute these across the 8-9 weeks, and apply!

Also, you should always have a backup plan. Investigate all your student loan options, grants, jobs, etc.  Develop your educational plan first, including costs and how to pay for them. Then, as you receive scholarships, start erasing sources of funds like loans and jobs since they will no longer be needed.

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