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Enrichment: The Seeds of Success

Grace Cho

One of the exceptional aspects of attending LaGuardia is the chance for enrichment available to students outside of the classroom. Many programs offer students professional experience to prepare them for their careers. Participating in these activities also enables students who are transferring to selective four-year colleges to stand out in their applications, as well as in job prospects. However, beyond embellishing one’s resume, joining these programs can help students get a better sense of the interests they’d like to pursue, develop character, and strengthen values.

I’ve been fortunate to get involved in numerous student activities throughout my two years here, like the LaGuardia President’s Society Ambassador program. Over the course of the semester, this paid internship has offered me the chance to learn from, and connect with professionals across various fields. In spite of our challenging transition to distance learning, the supportive President’s Society staff have continued to offer us valuable and interesting workshops through Zoom. Recently, we even had a surprise panel with the acclaimed TV producer behind hit shows like All in the Family and The Jeffersons, Norman Lear!

Beyond the opportunities to network, the lessons that I’ve picked up through the President’s Society have shaped me to act with more responsibility and intention, strengthened my confidence, and continue to motivate my work. I recall one workshop when I was particularly inspired by one of our guest speakers, Beth Lief, and the story of her lifelong commitment to addressing inequalities in fields from civil rights to education. Learning about Ms. Lief’s work to make education accessible for students from all backgrounds cemented my own desire to improve our communities in the same way. My role as a President’s Society Ambassador also demonstrates my initiative, making me a competitive candidate for potential schools, jobs, and other opportunities. Furthermore, students with leadership experience are eligible for certain scholarships and opportunities that aim to recognize students who are active in their communities. I highly encourage all eligible students who will be attending LaGuardia for the 2020-2021 academic year to apply to join President’s Society or President’s Society Environment, a recently established program for students interested in environmentalism. Click here for more details regarding the program, eligibility, and application. The application itself can be found here. Students should submit their applications as soon as possible, since applications will be accepted through June 2020.

PS Social Justice Panel Q&A between Student Ambassadors and guest speakers: Beth Lief, Jennifer L. Smith, and Michael Mullaley. (L-R)

CUNY Service Corps is another great program for students, which aims to introduce them to careers in public service. In this year-long internship, selected students focus on cultivating their professional skills, and get paid to work in government offices and community organizations. Those who undergo professional development and demonstrate their commitment to public service become more desirable candidates for any future programs they might apply for. For the upcoming school year, LaGuardia will be one of only five CUNY colleges participating in the Service Corps, so eligible students should pursue this exclusive opportunity! Click here for more details regarding the CUNY Service Corps, eligibility, and the application. The application itself can be found here. For priority consideration, students should submit their applications as soon as possible, as they are currently being accepted on a rolling basis.

Finally, students can find internships and jobs through the Center for Career & Professional Development (CCPD). Dedicated to assisting students with their careers, CCPD has recently partnered with Parker Dewey, an online platform. Through Parker Dewey, students with paid micro-internships in different fields that are normally completed from home. By creating a profile of one’s work experience and looking through micro-internship listings, students can easily apply for more immediate professional opportunities. To get started with an account, click here, and watch this video for more details about micro-internships. Additionally, CCPD will help students with navigating Parker Dewey, editing resumes, posting work opportunities, and much more! To tap into CCPD’s resources, log into Career Connect through the My LaGuardia page.

Besides these remarkable resources, there is a wealth of programs and services dedicated to student enrichment at LaGuardia. By taking the plunge and researching the opportunities that are available to students, one can open new doors for their personal and professional growth. It is never too early to start building your experience, and as a LaGuardian, there is so much that you can learn, even beyond academics, about the real world. I’m truly grateful for the chances and knowledge I’ve received over the course of four semesters, which I look forward to applying in my life. Make the most of your time here, and take on new activities that are right for you.

Program Information

President’s Society/President’s Society Environment - Applications accepted through June 2020

CUNY Service Corps - Applications accepted on a rolling basis; apply ASAP

Parker Dewey Microinternships - Rolling basis


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