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My experience in HSAC

I would never have imagined waking up 5 minutes before starting my class and connecting with two minutes remaining and still being early. Yet, as exceptional as it sounds, virtual learning is intricate, to say the least. As a biology major, it has been arduous to adapt to online and virtual simulations of labs. Despite that, I do feel ambitious to continue. This is not the scene anyone expected when they thought of college. However, getting involved in clubs and student affairs, it's not all too distinctive. It might seem tedious to join a club when you are trying to adapt to this new reality. But once you get settled, being in a club allows you to feel like you belong to something. I partake in President society, HSAC, research with CRSP, PTK, and the SGA Treasurer. These activities have integrated me into this new reality and made it feel not all too different. Working with others to plan events and develop ideas as I have done in HSAC has eased the learning transition. Besides, being part of the social media committee, I have found a new liking that I never knew I had, communications. I enjoy updating students about transferring events to just a little post to make their day. Overall, despite the many inconveniences, my extracurriculars have made virtual interacting more appealing.


About the Author:

Born in Colombia and raised in NYC, Carmen is majoring in biology. She is Treasurer of the LAGCC Student Government Association and a member of the Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC), PTK Honor Society, CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP), and has made the Dean’s List. Carmen aspires to enroll in medical school and specialize in dermatology after earning a bachelor’s degree.


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