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Fall 2012 Honors Recognition Dinner

By Daniel Rivera on behalf of HSAC


On December 20th, the Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC) held its Fall 2012 Honors Recognition Dinner with the theme of “Community: Learning, Sharing and Giving.”  At this event, MC’ed by HSAC’s Alexis Perez and Raven Gomez, Honors students, faculty and guests gathered to share a celebrate the completion of Fall Honors courses and the semester’s initiatives. 


Furthermore, students made posters showcasing topics from their respective Fall Honors courses.  These posters inspired conversations between students and faculty about courses such as Composition, Mathematics, History, Business Law, Philosophy, and African-American Literature to name a few.  Finally, short video clips created by executive HSAC member, Felisha Nieves, highlighted key Honors events and captivated the audience.  It was truly a memorable and festive end to a very busy and exciting semester.
Among the presenters were special guests, Dr. Paul Arcario, LAGCC’s Provost, and Ms. Susan Angus, the Director of Commission on Voluntary Service and Action (CVSA).



They shared some valuable words on the importance of education and life-long learning, as well as the importance of community.  For instance, in his welcoming remarks, Provost Arcario emphatically stated: “Being promoted to Provost of LaGuardia, I thought I knew everything that there is to know.  Boy, was I wrong. You never stop learning.”  This message resonated with students and faculty, who took a moment to fully embrace his words of wisdom.  Ms. Angus, our second guest speaker, spoke about the importance of civic engagement, organizing and volunteering to help people in need in and outside of our community.  Since Dec. 20, HSAC has partnered with CVSA to support post-Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  Please see our article about a January 2013 visit to the Rockaways and an upcoming fundraising effort for the Rockaways.  LaGuardia students and faculty were truly inspired by our guest speakers’ thoughtful words.

After the guest speakers shared their guidance and experience, HSAC Executive Members--Freda Raitelu, Tremaine Wright, Jaqueline Okwodu, Felisha Nieves and Alexis Perez--were presented with special Pins of Honor in recognition of their service to HSAC and the LaGuardia community while maintaining academic excellence.  The pinning ceremony was followed by the certificate distribution to Honors students who received a grade of C+ or higher in their Fall 2012 Honors courses, and a dinner.   Throughout the evening, there was a shared sense of fellowship that was both inspiring and invigorating for all in attendance.  Moreover, it was a truly delightful introduction to the upcoming New Year.

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