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Why Take Honors Classes? 

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Do you want to challenge yourself? 


The Honors Program is designed to enhance the LaGuardia experience for highly motivated students. We are looking for students who want the most out of college and who desire stimulating academic challenges. 


Enjoy the benefits of being part of the Honors community?


  • Smaller classes

  • Driven, like-minded classmates

  • Supportive, dedicated faculty

  • Taking part in extra-curricular, scholarly, and networking activities

  • Opportunities to travel to national and regional scholarly Honors conferences 

  • Intensive transfer and scholarship workshops

  • Use of the extensive LaGuardia Honors Alumni Network

  • Notation on your official transcript indicating that you have completed Honors courses. 





Why is the Honors Program Special?


Be an Academic Warrior

When you transfer to a four-year college, you will "stand out from the crowd" because you took Honors classes and participated in the Honors Program. Honors Program students challenge exceptations and push past boundaries to achieve their dreams. Your status as an Honors Program student proclaims your perseverance, your love of knowledge and learning, and your commitment to personal and academic excellence to future professors and to your eventual employers. 


Never Settle

Your participation in the Program provides you with access to faculty, alumni and peer networks for your transfer applications, academic aid and scholarship opportunities. 


Dare to Do More

Through the Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC), you will be exposed to scholarly, leadership and civic engagement opportunities. You will have the chance to prepare research projects to present at local, regional and national Honors conferences. 



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